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Explore the laid-back and tranquil atmosphere of Daintree Village. As a rural town with a colourful past, visitors can explore a string of storefronts that transports you back in time to the towns early years.

From locally-grown coffee and gourmet foods to river cruises and wildlife spotting, there is something for everyone.

Beyond this unspoilt haven, are winding scenic drives surrounded by mountains, valleys and rivers making for a one of a kind travel experience. 

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Finding Daintree Village

When planning a trip to Daintree, it is important to know all the best places to visit. With Aussie Park Guides, your trip is sure to be one to remember!

Sitting on the banks of the Daintree River, surrounded by the lush greenery and rainforest, Daintree Village is the heart of Far North Queensland.

Combining rich history and stunning views with friendly locals and charming cafes, a trip to Daintree National Park isn’t complete without stopping at Daintree Village.

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’Your Itinerary also includes all of the following amazing local attractions:

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