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Frequently Asked Questions


Ensure the Media volume is turned up to the required level on your phone. Please note that Media volume is different to your Ringtone volume and can be adjusted in the settings sections of your phone.
  1. Ensure you have enabled background tracking on your phone. When you first start the App, it may prompt you to turn on Location Services. The commentary is triggered by GPS so if Location Services is disabled the App (and the audio) will not function correctly.
  2. Ensure that your phone battery has sufficient charge and that the phone has not switched off.  The background tracking of your phones position will reduce your battery life faster than normal and with a blacked out screen, you may be unaware that the battery has fully discharged and the phone has switched off.
  3. If above actions do not rectify the issue, close the App and re-start your phone. Once your phone has re-started, check your Location Services is enabled and then re-start the App.

Yes.  From the home screen of the app, click on the Map Review button, where you can manually tap and play any audio points along the route.

All Aussie Park Guides automatically play commentary through the speakers in your phone.

If you wish to hear the commentary through the vehicle stereo, you will need to successfully connect your phone to your vehicle’s audio system.  Please refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for instructions on how to do this or to determine if this is possible.

All Aussie Park Guides once purchased, are yours to keep and can be used as many times as you like.

Each Aussie Park Guide Application contributes financially to our favourite environmental cause in each National Park we showcase.

For specific details of each environmental cause, please see our Business Partnerships for each National Park on Our Story Page.