The Curious Balancing Rock in Girraween

Balancing Rock - A Bucket List Location

Longing for an escape? Whether for a few hours or an overnight stay, Girraween National Park and its natural balancing rocks is the ideal getaway for avid adventurers and leisurely visitors alike. What’s not to love about a destination with so much adventure and relaxation?

Sitting atop a summit in Girraween National Park, Balancing Rock is truly a sight to behold. Why not let the Aussie Park Guides App guide you to this very location? Download the app today!

Get Lost In Nature

Balancing Rock sits on the northern side of the summit and offers a truly unique photo experience, akin to that of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It’s no wonder why this is a bucket list destination for so many.

But this Balancing Rock is more than a photo opportunity. ’It is a monument to Girraween’s geological history that has been shaped by wind, water and ice over thousands of years!

Much like countless others that dot the Giraween Landscape, Balancing Rock is truly one-of-a-kind attraction that brings tourists from all over the globe.

Balancing Rock Girraween - Man leaning against rock

Finding Balancing Rock

Located in the Granite Belt region of Queensland and near the New South Wales border, Girraween National Park is a Giants Playground.

With granite monoliths that seem to have been carefully placed by giants, this park is home to some of the most spectacular views and features in all of Australia.

This includes Balancing Rock, precariously balancing atop the summit of the “First Pyramid” and is easily accessible to visitors of all ages via a short hiking trail from the day-use picnic area.

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