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Discover Dr Robert's Waterhole Like Never Before

See History & Natural Beauty

Combining thousands of years of geological history, and an abundance of stunning flora and unique wildlife, Dr Robert’s Waterhole is a place where you can experience the beauty of Girraween National Park!

Named after a Stanthorpe medical practitioner whose love of the indigenous flora and fauna led to the protection of this landscape, Dr Robert’s Waterhole is renowned for its spectacular display of vibrant blooms and mirror-like creek waters.

Whether you are looking for a breakaway or on a journey to spot some of Australia’s rarest wildlife, Aussie Park Guides invites you to experience Dr Robert’s Waterhole. With Information, directions and colourful commentary, you can explore Dr Robert’s Waterhole like never before!

Stroll Along Dr Robert's Waterhole

Located along the edge of a shaded waterhole, this track presents an array of flora and fauna as you meander your way through.

After a short 15 minute walk, you are rewarded with the still, cool waters of the waterhole, where you can sit and gaze at the mirror image of the fringing landscape on the water’s surface.

Make sure you are armed with binoculars and cameras while you are out! As wildlife thrives in this well-loved and protected area, expect to come face to face with some unique Australian critters. Perhaps you’ll glimpse Girraween’s unique Bell’s turtle basking on the creek edge!

Dr Roberts Waterhole - Bell's Turtle

Finding To Dr Robert's Waterhole

Dr Robert’s Waterhole is a well-kept, lightly trafficked walking trail located with Girraween National Park near the Queensland–New South Wales border.

The beginning of this lightly sloping trail begins at Dr Robert’s car park, and winds its way to the lapping waters of the creek.

Different to a number of other Girraween tracks, the walk to Dr Robert’s Waterhole is an easy stroll for all age groups and fitness levels.

With a short 1.2 km return walk, you can leisurely stroll amongst towering eucalypts while vibrant blooms burst with colour to celebrate the beginning of spring!

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