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Exploring The Junction

A Guide To The Junction Track

For anyone looking to get back to nature, Girraween National Park and its various hiking tracks are the ideal places to start. Spread across 117 square kilometres, Girraween has a myriad of tracks and trails that cater for all levels of hikers.

Girraween is a haven for nature lovers. This diverse park offers a wealth of trails, views and photo opportunities that make it worth exploring. The Junction Track, in particular, gives you a snapshot of this park’s unique features, in an easy day walk. 

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An Adventure To Remember

A must for wildflower lovers and birdwatchers alike, the Junction is an easy walk along the bank of Bald Rock Creek, with its cool, dark waters, flowering shrubs and diverse wildlife.

Take a rest, dip your toes or plunge into one of the many rock pools that line The Junction track. If you look carefully you may even spot the Superb Fairy-Wrens and Honeyeaters moving through the thicket in search of their next meal.

While the creek may not run during the Summer, the vibrant wildlife and stunning landscape make this walk more than worthwhile! 

With granite boulders dotting the landscape, there are plenty of opportunities to see geology in the making. Witness first-hand how wind and water have formed this curious landscape.

The Junction Girraween - view of junction river

Getting To The Junction

The Junction Track is one of the northern walks in Girraween National Park – located near the Queensland–New South Wales border, 260 km by road south-west of Brisbane.

It is a 5.2 km long return walk that takes around 2 hours to complete (excluding the countless stops to take in the breathtaking scenery!)

The trail begins at the Bald Rock Creek day-use area, and winds through a variety of landscapes, from green Eucalypt forests, to open heathland and across bare granite.

As you parallel the creek and traverse the smooth granite, you will find yourself at the spectacular river junction where you can witness a geological formation found nowhere else!

Discover Girraween Today

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Explore The Junction With Ease

Whether you are looking for a leisurely adventure or a multi-day getaway in Girraween, you are transported back in time with imposing granite outcrops, ancient flora and unique wildlife.

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The Junction is one of many hiking trails and tracks within this park, that offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the history, adventure and natural beauty of one of Australia’s most popular national parks.

With so much to do, see and explore it is best to stretch your adventure over multiple days. But if you are on a tight schedule, you can experience the best of this remarkable place in just one day.

Inspiration For Your Trip

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