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Are you ready to take a journey through time as you explore one of Australia’s most breathtaking National Parks? Trek through Girraween National Park and discover sculptured balancing rocks, towering archways, underground caves and spherical boulders throughout the park.

Much like cloud gazing, it is easy to see spectacular shapes and forms in the rocks around you! One such formation is Turtle Rock, an enormous granite monolith that resembles a turtle’s head and shell.

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An Unforgettable Journey

Perfect for families, groups and individuals, hike along the Turtle Rock track to an ancient pinnacle that has rested in this landscape for thousands of years.

The ridge-line track to Turtle Rock is easy and offers magnificent natural lookouts promising views of the Granite Belt landscape, before arriving at the famous rock formation. Can you find the angle from which this granite animal appears to be resting?

Whilst this walk is dominated by Girraween’s unique geology, it still remains picturesque and breathtaking in its own way. With its foothills bursting with interesting shrubs and trees, Turtle Rock is home to diverse wildlife and offers the perfect backdrop to any nature lover’s photos.

turtle rock girraween - hiking trail

Getting To Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock is one of the southern walking tracks and can be found in Girraween National Park. Turtle Rock track begins on the southern side of Pyramids Road, near the Girraween Visitor Centre car park.

Following the same track as Castle Rock and Mount Norman, branch off before Castle Rock and enjoy your walk along a ridge top, coming to the prominent Turtle Rock formation. 

However, the journey doesn’t end at Turtle Rock – If you’re feeling adventurous, on your return, continue on to Castle Rock for a more challenging hike and even better views of this resting reptile!

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Discover a Granite Wonderland

Enjoy the fresh air, stunning landscapes and wildlife of Turtle Rock track as you discover this giant’s playground.

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More to See and Do!

With unbeatable views and plenty of walking tracks, this is one location you do not want to miss out on!

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