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The Disappearing Underground Creek Trail

Discover Water-Sculpted Wonders

Have you discovered the wave rock formations of the Underground Creek track? Carved over time by the running waters of an underground creek, marvel at the extraordinary geology and gorgeous granite formations that make this part of Girraween National Park unique. The Underground Creek track is one that cannot be missed!

While short, Underground Creek track takes you through a beautiful natural wonderland, with springtime blossoms, unique wildlife and crystal clear waters. With the Aussie Park Guides app, you have all the information you need at your fingertips to make exploring easy! Download the app today!

A Sight To Behold

Wildflowers that blossom in Spring, towering granite rocks, a rich and diverse landscape; These are only a few things that make the walk to Underground Creek in Girraween spectacular.

This popular walk takes you through swamp communities, woodlands and shrublands, where you can spot varied bird and plant life as you walk.

Reaching the creek, stand in awe as the babbling waters disappear beneath the fallen boulders and reappear again downstream! This area is the perfect place to explore for adults and children alike.

Bring your camera, there are photo opportunities a-plenty. With smooth water-sculpted rocks and ever-swirling eddies, this area is as pretty as a postcard!

underground creek girraween- wave rock

Finding Underground Creek

If you’re looking for an easy walk with plenty of interest, look no further than the Underground Creek! This short loop walk is great for families with children, avid hikers, or anyone who wants to take in the sights and sounds of nature at a leisurely pace.

Underground Creek track is an eastern walking trail located in Girraween National Park, and is a great activity for the whole family. It is an easy walk that begins at the Dr Roberts car park and takes approximately 1.5 hours minutes to complete.

From the car park, the track is well signposted with a myriad of rocks to scramble and a small boulder cave and gorgeous waterfall to explore. 

For those looking for more to discover, Dr Roberts Waterhole track is easily accessible from this trail and creates a blood pumping 3.6km round trip walk.

Ready to Explore?

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While it is possible to discover the various locations in Girraween in one day, the best way to make the most of your trip is to stretch your stay over two or three days. This gives you the opportunity to truly explore all that the park has to offer and find the places that speak to you the most.

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