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Perfect App for self-guide... We used this App today as we drove up through the Daintree Rainforest. We loved it. Insightful, interesting and unobtrusive pieces of info about native wildlife, local walks, rainforest restoration projects, places of interest, and other interesting facts. Our children (ages 8 and 10) loved it as much as we did, and we found ourselves waiting for the next piece. It made our visit to the Daintree really special.


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We used this app last week whilst in the Daintree and it was absolutely brilliant. We’ve been up there over half a dozen times and thought we knew a lot - well, we just learned a whole lot more! Super easy to use and so informative. Have been recommending to everyone!


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If you're looking for an entertaining and informative travel guide for this beautiful part of Australia, then you MUST use this app. We were almost going to book a tour to visit the Daintree, but doing our own self-guided tour was way more relaxing and cost effective.

Riza Clout

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Fantastic Aussie Parks Guide App ... A relaxed, informative and interesting guide through the Daintree. Loved the educational commentary and the freedom to explore at your own pace. We found the app easy to use and appropriate for all ages. Would definitely recommend to fellow travellers and are looking forward to more guides to come!!


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My friend and I really enjoyed having Daintree Guide this informative guide along on our journey to Cape tribulation, particularly the extra details about the native forest birds and animals. Grant's guide made this part of our trip quite relaxing as we didn't need to research our plan again for where to go each day. We missed the guide after we left the National Park. We highly recommend this app and hopefully Grant will surprise us with travel guides to other amazing parts of Australia!


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Great way to explore the Daintree.
I just spent 2 days exploring the Daintree using this App.
It was great. We followed the recommendations and checked out extra points of interest mentioned in the App like the ice cream factory and WW2 bombing site in Miallo.
The extra contextual information meant that even the kids enjoyed the drive and were quiet whenever the App spoke to us.
We have already recommended it to other travelers we met on the way.
Great work. Can’t wait for your next App.


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Must have guide - Daintree ... We are so grateful to Aussie Park Guide for the commentary, interesting information and the little extra stories we heard along our drive. It was entertaining and educational for our whole family. It is a must have for anyone wanting to visit the Daintree and wanting to learn along your journey. We wanted to hear more as we explored the far North region of Queensland and this amazing World Heritage Rainforest that meets the sea.


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@aussieparkguides was such a great help, providing information and insights as we drove through the Daintree yesterday. Thank you and highly recommend their app if you are driving up this way. #daintreenorthqueensland


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Hey guys. We traveled through Daintree and Cape Tribulation using your app. It's a big day and a beautiful part of the world. I promised some feedback so here it is:
1. I loved how it picks up where you are and kicks off the app where you need it.
2. The information is shared in plenty of time to allow you to prepare and look out for what is coming.
3. Nothing of importance was missed. Although we did add a few more stops into our day.
4. Loved the little stories you added in. More of these where they could be added in would be great.
5. Overall it was a great app that added to our experience. Thank you.



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